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Warranty and parts replacement
JABRA (GN Netcom) warrants this product against all defects in material and
workmanship for a period of two years from the date of original purchase.The
conditions of this warranty and our responsibilities under this warranty are as follows:
The warranty is limited to the original purchaser.
A copy of your receipt or other proof of purchase is required.Without proof of
purchase,your warranty is defined as beginning on the date of manufacture as
labeled on the product.
The warranty is void if the serial number,date code label or product label is removed,
or if the product has been subject to physical abuse,improper installation,
modification,or repair by unauthorized third parties.
The responsibility of JABRA (GN Netcom) products shall be limited to the repair or
replacement of the product at its sole discretion.
Any implied warranty on JABRA (GN Netcom) products is limited to two years from
the date of purchase on all parts,including any cords and connectors.
Specifically exempt from any warranty are limited-life consumable components
subject to normal wear and tear,such as microphone windscreens,ear cushions,
decorative finishes,batteries,and other accessories.
JABRA (GN Netcom) is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising
from the use or misuse of any JABRA (GN Netcom) product.
This warranty gives you specific rights and you may have other rights which vary
from area to area.
Unless otherwise instructed in the User Manual,the user may not,under any
circumstances,attempt to perform service,adjustments or repairs on this unit,
whether in or out of warranty.It must be returned to the purchase point,factory or
authorized service agency for all such work.
JABRA (GN Netcom) will not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage
incurred in shipping.Any repair work on JABRA (GN Netcom) products by
unauthorized third parties voids any warranty.
Bluetooth is a radio technology developed to connect devices,such as mobile
phones and headsets,without wires or cords over a short distance of approximately
10 metres. More information is available at www.bluetooth.com
Bluetooth profiles are protocols through which Bluetooth devices communicate
with other devices. Bluetooth phones support different sets of profiles – most
support the headset profile but some support the hands-free profile and others
support both profiles.In order to support a certain profile,a phone manufacturer has
to implement certain mandatory features within the phone’s software.
Pairing creates a unique and encrypted communication link between two
Bluetooth-enabled devices and allows them to communicate with each other.
Bluetooth devices will not work if the devices have not been paired with each other.
Passkey or PIN is a secret code that needs to be entered on the phone in order to
pair the mobile phone with FreeSpeak. When you have already paired your mobile
phone with FreeSpeak,the phone and headset will recognize each other and the
phone will bypass the discovery and authentication process and automatically
accept the transmission.
Active mode is when the headset has an active call in progress. FreeSpeak will go
from standby mode into active mode when you receive a call or when you make a
call.When FreeSpeak is in active mode,the blue light will flash every second.
Standby mode is when the headset is passively waiting for a call. When you “end”
the call on your mobile phone,FreeSpeak will go into standby mode. When
FreeSpeak is in standby mode,the blue light will flash every three seconds.