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3. Set your Bluetooth phone to “discover”
the headset by following your phone’s
instruction guide.Typically,the steps
involve going to a “setup”,“connect”,or
on your phone and
then selecting the option to “discover”
a Bluetooth device*.
4. Your phone will find the “JABRA 250”
headset and ask if you want to pair with
it.Confirm this by pressing “yes”or “ok”.
5. Enter
passkey or PIN = 0000 (4 zeros),then press “yes” or “ok”.
Tips for Nokia Bluetooth phones
(Such as Nokia 6310 and 8910 series)
Please ensure that the headset is allowed by the phone to connect without
authorization.To do this,you must adjust your phone’s settings.
Set the following menu options:
Menu > Bluetooth > View Paired Devices > select your headset,press “Options”
> Request conn.authorization? — No
10 11
Enhanced features (for Bluetooth phones
with hands-free profiles)
Enhanced features are available for phones that support the hands-free Bluetooth
profile such as
Nokia 3600,3650, 6310,6310i,8910,8910i,Siemens S55 and
.Check your phone’s instruction guide or contact the phone manufacturer if
you are not sure if your phone supports the hands-free Bluetooth profile.
You can enable these enhanced features by using the following alternative
pairing sequence.
* Phone-specific pairing instructions and the most current list of phones with
hands-free profile can be found online at
Fig. 6
IMPORTANT:If pairing was successful,the blue indicator light will briefly flash rapidly
before going back to flashing every 3 seconds.If unsuccessful,the light remains solid,
and you’ll need to reattempt pairing (see steps 3–5 above).
Once you’re done pairing,the following new headset features will be available:
Last number redial (when not on a call)
While the headset is on,press and hold until you hear
2 short beeps,
release immediately.
Rejecting an incoming call (when not on a call)
When your phone rings,press and hold until you hear
2 short beeps,
release immediately.
Call-waiting (swapping between 2 calls)
When your phone notifies you of another incoming call while you’re on a call,
press and hold until you hear
2 short beeps,release immediately.
Putting a call on hold
While you’re on a call,press and hold until you hear 2 short beeps,release
immediately.Repeat to retrieve the call.
4. Leave the headset in the charging cradle for about 3 seconds,then remove the
(see Fig.1).
5. Unplug the AC adaptor from the charging cradle.
“Pairing”to a Bluetooth phone with hands-free profile:
1. Ensure headset is off (see Turning
headset on/off
2. Press and hold plus the
volume up
until you see a solid blue light
(approximately 8 seconds),then
(see Fig.5).
Fig. 5