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Ending a call
Making a call
FreeSpeak 250 is ready to wear on
the right ear.If you prefer the left,
gently rotate the MiniGel 180°.
For optimal performance,wear
FreeSpeak 250 and your Bluetooth
phone on the same side of your
body. In general,you will get
better performance when there
are no obstructions (including
parts of your body) between the
headset and the phone.
Choosing wearing preference
If JABRA FreeSpeak 250 is off,turn it on now (see Turning headset on/off section).
Using phone’s keypad
1. Dial number on keypad.
2. Press phone’s “send”key.
Using voice-activated dialing (after you’ve set up voice tags on your phone)
1. Press and release once.You’ll hear 1 short beep while doing this.
2. You’ll then hear the voice-activation tone;say the name of the person you wish to call.
NOTE: Record voice tag from headset for better reception.
Press and release once.
End call from phone’s keypad.
Answering a call
After you hear the ring tone,press and release once.
Answer the call with your phone’s keypad. You may then need to transfer the call to
the headset by pressing and releasing once (depending on your phone).
(Recommended) Use standard method from your phone’s keypad which typically
involves pressing the “send”button.
Press and release once to answer the incoming call and toggle between calls
(some phones do not support this headset feature).
IMPORTANT:Do not hold the button down too long when making,ending,or
answering a call.This should only be a quick tap,so you don’t put the headset into
pairing mode by accident.
* See Enhanced features section for alternative call-waiting instructions for
phones that support the hands-free profile.
Resetting the headset
If the headset is not responding or the blue light will not turn on or off after
pairing,you may need to RESET your headset.
1. Fully insert the headset into the charging cradle.
2. Plug the JABRA FreeSpeak 250 AC adaptor into the headset’s charging cradle.
3. Plug the AC adaptor into the electrical outlet.
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