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Frequently asked questions
1. How far away from my phone will my JABRA FreeSpeak 250 work?
The operating range is typically up to 30 feet (10 metres).
2. Will JABRA FreeSpeak 250 work with my cordless phone at home?
FreeSpeak 250 is not designed for use with cordless phones.
3. Will JABRA FreeSpeak 250 work with laptops,PCs,and PDAs?
FreeSpeak 250 will work with devices that are compliant with Bluetooth version 1.1
or higher specifications and support the headset and/or hands-free profile(s).
4. Will anything cause interference with my conversation when I’m using my
JABRA FreeSpeak 250?
Appliances such as cordless phones and wireless networking equipment may
cause interference with your conversation,usually adding a crackling noise. To
reduce any interference,keep the headset away from other devices that use or
produce radio waves.
5. Will my JABRA FreeSpeak 250 interfere with my car’s electronics,radio,
or computer?
FreeSpeak 250 produces significantly less power than a typical mobile phone.It also
only emits signals that are in compliance with the international Bluetooth standard.
Therefore,you should not expect any interference with standard consumer-grade
electronics equipment.
6. Can other Bluetooth phone users hear my conversation?
When you pair your headset to your Bluetooth phone,you are creating a private
link between only these two Bluetooth devices.The wireless Bluetooth technology
used in your headset is not easily monitored by third parties because Bluetooth
wireless signals are significantly lower in radio frequency power than those
produced by a typical mobile phone.
7. What material is the headset made of?
The MiniGel is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride),a form of plastic.The headset itself
is primarily made of thermoplastic polyurethane,which is a soft plastic.The face of
the headset,where the buttons are located,is made of polycarbonate,a very strong,
hard plastic.Neither the MiniGel nor the headset contains latex.
8. How do I take care of JABRA FreeSpeak 250?
To clean the headset,use a clean,soft cloth that is slightly damp.
To clean the MiniGel,remove it from the headset by gently lifting and pulling it
off the speaker housing.Then,wash it in warm,soapy water.
Need more help?
1. Web: www.jabra.com/fscs (for the latest support info and online User Manuals)
2. E-mail: Tech Support: jabrasupport@gnnetcom.dk
Information: jabrainfo@gnnetcom.dk
Storage of headset
1. Always store the JABRA FreeSpeak 250 with power off and safely protected.
2. Avoid storage at high temperatures (above 60°C / 134°F) – such as in a hot vehicle
or in direct sunlight.(Storage at high temperatures can degrade performance and
reduce battery life).
3. Do not expose the headset or any of its supplied parts to rain or other liquids.
This product is CE marked according to the provisions of the R & TTE Directive
Hereby,GN Netcom,declares that this product is in compliance with the essential
requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
For further information please consult http://www.gnnetcom.com
Please note that this product uses radio frequency bands not harmonised within
EU.Within the EU this product is intended to be used in Austria,Belgium,
Netherlands,Portugal,Spain,Sweden,United Kingdom and within EFTA in
Iceland,Norway and Switzerland.
Users are not permitted to make changes or modify the device in any way. Changes
or modifications not expressly approved by JABRA (GN Netcom) will void the user’s
authority to operate the equipment.
Bluetooth is a trademark owned by the Bluetooth SIG,Inc.
Certification and safety approvals