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Using the Shooting Functions — Procedure of Setting
Specify the camera settings for taking pictures to get the
best result. A general guide is given below.
1 Select the Shooting mode.
Turn the Mode dial to select the Shooting mode.
The camera settings are tailored to the scene being
When you have been used for long periods in places
subject to extreme temperature rises, it will lower your
image quality and streaking may also be visible in your
images. If this occurs, turn the camera off several times to
prevent heating the camera.
B Auto
This is the easiest mode for taking
pictures (p.48).
Natural light
This mode produces beautiful images
that retain the natural ambience when
shots are taken in low-light conditions
Scene position
Use to select the ideal setting from Scene
position menu for the shot. (p.49).
Used for shooting panoramic pictures
N Program AE
M Shutter-
priority AE
< Aperture-
priority AE
Used for changing the aperture or shutter
speed setting so that the action is frozen,
the flow of the motion is conveyed, or the
background is out of focus (p.54-58).
> Manual
All manual settings for taking pictures
r Movie Used for shooting movies (p.106).