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Connecting to a TV
When connecting to a TV, images can be displayed on wider screen. Using slide show function (p.91) together, you can have
fun with folks.
Plug the A/V cable (included) into
the A/V OUT (Audio/Visual
output) socket of the camera.
Plug the other end of the cable into the
audio/video input socket on the TV.
Plug the A/V cable (included) and the AC power adapter
correctly and push them in each terminal.
When connecting the A/V cable (included) to TV, the
camera’s screen is turned off.
The image quality for movie playback is lower than for
still images.
When connecting to a TV, even if you adjust the volume
from the [ PLAYBACK VOLUME], the TV volume
cannot be changed. Refer to the instructions provided
with your TV for more information on audio/video input
for your TV.
Use the AC-5VX (sold separately) and CP-04 (sold
separately) when FinePix S1000fd is connected to a TV
for long periods. See “Notes and Cautions” (included)
for notes on the AC power adapter.
To terminals
Video (yellow)
Audio (white)
A/V OUT socket
AC-5VX (sold separately) and CP-04
(sold separately)