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Advanced Features — Photography
You can take panoramic pictures by stitching 3 pictures
into a panoramic scene.
BYou can select the direction of taking panoramic
pictures from left to right or right to left by pressing p
or q.
CTake the first picture. Press MENU/OK if you want to
save the first picture.
If the pan direction is left to right, a section from the
right side of the first picture will appear on the left side
of the second picture you will take, so that you can
align the next shot in panoramic fashion.
DCompose the second picture by overlapping the saved
section of the first image onto the matching area in the
viewfinder on the far left side. Then take your second
shot. Press MENU/OK to save the second picture.
Repeat one more time for a panoramic view of the
combined pictures.
EIf you are only taking two pictures, press n to stitch
them together.
After you take the third picture, press MENU/OK to
stitch the pictures together.
Press MENU/OK again to save the panoramic picture.
Use a tripod to prevent camera shake.
Only the panoramic picture is saved.
The picture size is set to 3 automatically.
Exposure compensation and white balance are set with
the first picture.
The flash cannot be used.
ASet the Mode dial to
21 3 23 1