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Using the Camera
Subjects not suitable for autofocus
FinePix S1000fd uses a high-precision autofocusing
mechanism. However, it may have difficulty focusing on the
Subjects photographed through glass
Subjects that do not reflect well, such as hair or fur
Subjects with no substance, such as smoke or flames
Dark subjects
Subjects with little or no contrast between the subject and
the background (such as subjects dressed in the same color
as the background)
Shots where another high-contrast object (not the subject) is
close to the AF frame and is either closer or further away
than your subject (such as a shot of someone against a
background with strongly contrasting elements)
For such subjects use AF/AE lock (p.32).
AF-assist illuminator
Use this illuminator to focus on the subject in dimly lit
When pressing the shutter button down halfway, the
camera fires the AF-assist illuminator (orange) while
focusing on your subject.
Even when the AF-assist illuminator fires, the camera
may have difficulty focusing in some conditions.
Even though there is no danger to safety, do not expose
it directly in someone’s eyes.
When using the AF-assist illuminator in Macro mode,
the camera may have difficulty focusing to take close-
up shots.
See p.111, 112 for information on turning the AF-assist
illuminator off.
AF-assist illuminator does not fire in ,, ., , ,
, , , or mode.
Very shiny subjects such
as a mirror or car body
Fast moving subjects