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Installation on a Windows PC
Do not connect the camera to your PC
until the software installation is
1 Install FinePixViewer as instructed by the
on-screen instructions.
Launching the installer manually
ADouble-click the [My Computer] icon.
Windows XP users should click [My Computer] in the [Start]
Windows Vista users should click [Computer] in the [Start]
BRight-click [FINEPIX] (CD-ROM drive) in the [My
Computer] window (Windows Vista users: in the
[Computer] window) and select [Open].
CDouble-click [SETUP] or [SETUP.exe] in the CD-ROM
The way file names are displayed differs as described below
depending on your PC settings.
-File extensions (3-letter suffixes indicating the file type)
may be shown or hidden. (e.g. Setup.exe or Setup)
-Text may be shown normally or all in uppercase (e.g. Setup
or SETUP).
2 Install DirectX as directed by the on-screen
instructions and then restart your PC. If the
latest version of DirectX is already installed
on your PC, this installation is not
If the latest version of DirectX or Windows Media Player
has not been installed, each software will be installed,
and then the PC will restart.
Do not remove the CD-ROM during this procedure.
3 After restarting the PC, a message appears
stating [Installation of the FinePixViewer
has been completed]. Remove the CD-ROM
from your PC.
For Windows Vista users:
When loading the bundled CD-ROM on your PC, the
[AutoPlay] window may appear. In this case, click
When [User Account Control] window appears, click [Allow].