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of 166
Use this function to specify whether frame numbers are
assigned consecutively from previous numbers or begin
Setting this function to [CONTINUOUS] makes file
management easier as it makes sure that file names
are not duplicated when images are downloaded to a
When the camera settings are [ RESET] (p.113),
the frame number setting ([CONTINUOUS] or
[RENEW]) is changed to [CONTINUOUS] and the
frame number itself does not return to 0001.
In [CONTINUOUS] setting, images are stored
beginning from the highest file number on the current
Memory Card when the Memory Card already contains
image files with file numbers higher than the highest file
number on the last Memory Card.
The displayed frame number may differ for images
photographed on other cameras.
Formatted Memory Card or internal memory used for
both A and B.
Pictures are stored beginning from the highest file
number stored on the last Memory Card or internal
memory used.
Pictures are stored on each Memory Card beginning
with a file number 0001.
Each image will be numbered consecutively from the
last number used. So when recorded images in the
Memory Card are erased, the number of the erased
frame will not be used again.
100 - 0001
100 - 0001
File number
Frame number
Directory number
The last 4 digits of the 7-digit number in the top right
corner of the screen are the file numbers, while the
first 3 digits show the directory number.
How to use the [SET-UP] menu (p.111)