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Advanced Features — Photography
f Taking pictures continuously
Use this mode to take pictures of a moving subject.
APress f to display the continuous shooting setting
[ TOP 152] : Continuous shooting
[ TOP 6[] : Continuous shooting
[h LONG PERIOD] : Long period continuous shooting
[k LAST 3]: Continuous shooting
[j BRACKETING] : Auto bracketing
[f TOP 3] : Continuous shooting
Shooting continues as long as holding the shutter
button down. In auto bracketing mode however, just
press the shutter button once to shoot 3 frames.
Number of available frames is limited depending on the
available space on the Memory Card or internal
memory. When auto bracketing, if there is insufficient
space on the Memory Card or internal memory to
record 3 frames, no pictures are taken.
The focus is determined in the first frame and cannot be
changed in mid-sequence (except for [LONG
The exposure is determined in the first frame, but in
[LONG PERIOD] continuous shooting the exposure is
adjusted for the scene being shot.
The speed of continuous shooting varies depending on
the shutter speed.
The flash cannot be used as the flash mode is set to
Suppressed flash. However, when the mode is changed
back to normal photography, the flash setting specified
before continuous shooting was selected is restored.
For [TOP 3] continuous shooting and Auto bracketing,
the results are always displayed after you shoot. Note
that pictures taken using [LONG PERIOD] continuous
shooting are recorded without displaying the results.
In [LONG PERIOD] continuous shooting mode, only 1
frame can be shot when using the [LONG PERIOD]
continuous shooting mode and Self-timer mode
File recording time using [TOP 3] or [BRACKETING]
may increase when record to a Memory Card or internal
Continued Q
BPress n or o to select a Continuous
shooting mode.
CPress MENU/OK to confirm the setting.