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* Self-Timer
2 Take pictures in selected time.
Using the 2-second self-timer
This is useful when you worry about camera shake even if
attaching the camera on a tripod.
To stop the self-timer, once it has started running, press
Any of the following cancels the self-timer setting:
- Completing the shooting
- Changing the Shooting mode setting
- Setting the camera to Playback mode
- Turning the camera off
Take care not to stand in front of the lens when pressing
the shutter button as this can prevent the correct focus
or brightness (exposure) from being achieved.
Taking pictures with the self-
timer and Intelligent Face
Detection function
Available Shooting modes: B, , /
(H, /, , , , , , ), N, M, <, >
Intelligent Face Detection
The Intelligent Face Detection function is especially
useful when using the self timer since it ensures that
faces will appear in focus automatically.
A picture is taken after the self-timer lamp changes from
lit to blinking (only blinks with the 2-second self-timer).
A countdown appears on
the LCD monitor indicating
the time remaining until the
picture is taken.