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Warning Displays
The table below lists the warnings that are displayed on the screen.
Warning Displayed Explanation Remedy
(Lit red)
V (Blinking red)
The batteries are low or completely out of charge. Load new or fully charged batteries.
There is a strong likelihood of camera shake
because the shutter speed is slow.
Use flash photography. A tripod may be
recommended, depending on the scene and mode.
*The shape of the AF
frame differs depending
on the setting in the
The AF (autofocus) cannot work effectively. If the image is too dark, take the picture at a
distance of around 2 m (6.6 ft.) from the subject.
Use AF lock to take the picture (p.32).
Select Macro mode when taking close-up shots.
Shutter speed display
(Lit red)
The camera cannot shoot the picture at the correct
brightness due to too bright or dark shooting
The picture can be taken, but the correct brightness
(exposure) will not be obtained.
[FOCUS ERROR] Camera malfunction or fault. Turn the camera on again, taking care not to touch
the lens.
[ZOOM ERROR] You are touching the autofocus ring. Do not hold the autofocus ring. The lens will
automatically refocus when you release the
autofocus ring.
Memory Card is not inserted when transferring
Insert a Memory Card.
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