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Camera Parts and Features
AStrap mount (p.14)
BZoom lever (p.34) (Multi-frame playback (p.39))
CShutter button
D Intelligent Face Detection (p.29)/
bRed-eye removal button (p.29)
Ef Continuous button (p.69)
FON/OFF switch (p.21)
GIndicator lamp (p.29)
HMode dial
IAF-assist illuminator (p.33)/Self-timer lamp (p.68)
JFlash (p.64)
KdFlash pop-up button (p.64)
NViewfinder (EVF)
OMENU/OK button
PLCD monitor
QDISP (Display)/BACK button (p.34, 36)
RD Exposure compensation button (p.61, 89)
STripod mount
TBattery cover (p.15)
UCover lock release catch (p.15)
VEVF/LCD (monitor selector) button (p.26)
Ww (Playback) button (p.36)
Xp (Photo mode) button (p.74, 77)
Ynopq (4-direction) button
ZTerminal cover
!Memory Card slot (p.18)
_; USB socket/A/V OUT (Audio/Visual output)
socket (p.120, 121)