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Software Installation
FinePix S1000fd is compatible with PTP (Picture
Transfer Protocol)/MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). A
PTP/MTP-compatible camera is a camera that can
recognize the PC and printer automatically when
Do not disconnect the USB cable (included) when the
camera is communicating with a PC. If the USB cable
(included) is disconnected during communication, the
files on the Memory Card or internal memory may be
In Mac OS X, you must set automatic setup the first time
you connect the camera to your PC.
When the camera and PC are exchanging data, the
indicator lamp blinks alternately green and orange.
Auto power off is disabled during USB connection.
Before replacing the Memory Card, always disconnect
the camera from the PC.
The camera and PC may be exchanging data even
when [Copying] disappears from your PC screen.
Before disconnecting the USB cable (included), always
check that the indicator lamp is off.
Always use FinePixViewer to transfer images with voice
memos to a PC.
The cost of an Internet provider for connecting to the
internet is the user’s responsibility.
When using FinePixViewer to save images on a data
server (network), FinePixViewer may not run as it would
in a standalone PC environment.
Always use the FUJIFILM AC Power Adapter AC-5VX
(sold separately) and DC Coupler CP-04 (sold
separately). If the camera suddenly loses power during
data exchange, data exchange will not be performed
correctly, and the Memory Card or internal memory
could be damaged.
Make sure that the USB cable (included) is connected
correctly and securely.
Connect the camera directly to the PC using the USB
cable (included). The software may not operate
correctly when you use an extension cable, or if you
connect the camera via a USB hub.
When your PC has more than one USB port, the
camera can be connected to either port.
When Windows 98 SE is used, the supplied software
must be installed first before connecting the camera to
a PC using the USB cable. The PC will not recognize
the camera if it is connected before installation.
A memory Card, the internal memory, data in a Memory
Card or data in the internal memory could be damaged
if any of the following are performed;
- the USB cable is disconnected
- ON/OFF switch or buttons are pressed
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