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Connecting to a PC
By connecting the camera to a PC, your system can be
expanded to fill a wide range of uses. Using
“FinePixViewer” performs images saving, browsing and
file management etc.
FinePixViewer Overview
Enables importing images, managing files and folders,
and ordering prints using the internet (only Windows
The Windows CD-ROM may also be required during
installation. In this event, change CD-ROMs as directed
by the on-screen instructions.
Do not format the Memory Card in the camera on the PC.
Use the Memory Card with images taken by a
FUJIFILM Digital camera.
In Windows, if FinePixViewer is already installed, the
driver will be set automatically. No action is required.
AInsert the Memory Card with images into the camera
You can use the xD-Picture Card and the SD
Memory Card with the FinePix S1000fd.
In this Owner’s Manual, these cards are expressed as
“Memory Card”.
(Software for FinePix)
Refer to Software
Installation (p.125, 127)
the first time you connect
the camera to your PC.
Install the software first. Do
not connect the camera to
the PC before installing all
the software.
BConnect the camera to your PC using the USB cable
CPress w for about 1 second to turn the
camera on in Playback mode.
DSet your PC
AC-5VX (sold separately)
and CP-04 (sold separately)
;USB socket