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Settings Menu
n Note
There will be no alert indicating the call has been connected.
You must stay on the line to hear when the call is connected.
Answer Mode
This allows you to determine how to answer the phone.
]Any Key: You can answer an incoming call by tapping the [Send] or
[c] key. except the [END] key.
]Send Key Only: You can only answer an incoming call by pressing the
[SEND] key.
Minute Minder
This option allows you to specify whether the phone will beep every minute
during an outgoing call to keep you informed of the length of the call.
Call Waiting
The network will notify you of a new incoming call while you have a call in
progress. Select Activate to request the network to activate call waiting,
Deactivate to request the network to deactivate call waiting, or View Status, to
check if the function is active or not.
Call Reject
This menu allows you to enable or disable call reject for all numbers or a
specific number.
]Call Reject On/Off: This feature allows you to reject or not the incoming
calls unconditionally by disconnecting. When the Reject All Calls option is
set, all incoming calls are routed directly to Voicemail.
]Call Reject List: Configures conditional call reject mode. After tapping
[New], you can add call reject list by selecting[Contact List] or [New
Number]. When you add a number to the list, you can add the number by
entering it directly or by searching for the number in the Contact List.