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Call Menu
]Information: You can view information about received messages; Message
type, Subject, Sender's address, Message date & time, Priority, Message size,
Attached Files (Only for Multimedia messages).
]Multi Delete: Deletes a number of messages you have selected from the
]Delete All Read Messages: You can delete all read messages.
]Delete All: You can delete all messages.
You can view the messages saved as a draft. The draft messages are listed with
the date and time of when the messages were saved.
The following [Options] are available.
]Delete: Deletes the message you choose.
]Information: Allows you to view the information on the message.
]Multi Delete: Allows you to delete multiple messages you select from the
]Delete All: Deletes all messages in the folder.
Outbox is a temporary storage place for messages waiting to be sent.
When you press the make [SEND] key, you can make a call to the number of
the recipient number of the selected message.
If the message is not sent from the Outbox, you will receive a sound alert along
with a Message Sending Fail notice on the screen. Another attempt will be
made to send the failed message and after two unsuccessful attempts, the
message will no longer be sent automatically order to send the message that
has failed, you must tap the [Resend] key.
After the maximum number of
Send attempts has been reached the Send
function has failed.
If you were trying to send a text message, open the message and check that
the Sending options are correct.