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Settings Menu
Connecting TTY Equipment and a Terminal
1. Connect a TTY cable to the TTY connection on the terminal. (the TTY
connection location is the same as a hands-free ear socket)
2. Enter the phone menu and set up the desired TTY mode. (For a TTY mode,
see above)
3. After setting a TTY mode, check the LCD screen of the phone for the TTY
4. Connect the TTY equipment to the power source and turn it on.
5. Make a phone connection to the desired number.
6. When a connection is made, use the TTY equipment to type in and send a
text message or send a voice message.
7. The voice or text message from the receiver end appears on the TTY
equipment display.
Send DTMF Tones
You can send the DTMF (dual tone multi-frequency) tones of the number on
the display during a call.
This option is helpful for entering a password or account number when you call
an automated system, like a banking service.
Video Share
]Initial Notification
- On: If the Video Share Call service is available and a voice call has been
made, a pop-up window will be shown on the screen to ask whether to
make a Video Share Call or not.
- Off: No notification window is displayed after the phone determines
whether or not the Video Share call service is available.
]Auto Record
- On: Automatically starts recording Video Share call images. You can view
the recorded videos on – [Videos].