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Owner's of the LG Electronics Cell Phone Vu gave it a score of 3.0 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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Call Menu
Menu options available in the Conversation screen
]Back To Contacts: This brings the screen back to the contacts.
]Insert: You can insert Symbol, Template and emoticons in the conversation
]Block/Unblock Contact: This allows or blocks conversation with the
selected Contact.
]Save Conversation: Stores the currently active conversation.
]End Conversation: This ends the active conversation and clears the
conversation buffer.
]Settings: Please refer to the previous Settings Menu.
]Text Entry Mode: Sets the text input mode such as abc, Abc, ABC, T9 abc,
T9 Abc, T9 ABC and 123.
]Text Entry Mode Settings: This selects the T9 predictive mode Language.
n Note
Maximum number of characters supported by a message is 800 characters for
receiving and 127 characters for sending.
The present information might not update in real time so the “Refresh
List”/“Refresh Contact” option can be used for the most up to date status.
Mobile Email
Mobile Email allows you to access your Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, AIM Mail,
Windows Live Mail, AT&T Yahoo! and Other providers accounts on your
phone. So, now you can quickly and easily check your email while you’re away
from your computer.
To Set Up Mobile Email
]Open Mobile Email: Tap the -[Mobile Email].
]Select an Email Provider: Tap to highlight the email provider you wish to
use and tap [Select] icon to enter.