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Multimedia Menu
views via streaming) so the user should have an unlimited MEdia bundle like the
MEdia Max 200.
n Note
Additional charges may incur when downloading ringtone. Contact AT&T for
further information.
MusicID is an application which uses the onboard microphone to analyze a
song sample and then compare it to a remote database of songs. Once the
application completes the analysis of the song sample, it then provides you
with the name of the song, artist and album art as well as opportunities to buy
related content.
]ID song!: Allows you to find out information of unknown music by sending
the sound of the unknown music to the web. If the web identifies the song,
it returns with relevant information of the song.
]manage IDs: Once a song has been identified through the MusicID, you can
see the list of songs in this folder.
]help me out: Information for how to use this java application.
] exit: Ends the application and exits.
XM Radio
Selecting XM Radio from the AT&T Music sub menu launches a preinstalled
java application. The application allows the user to listen to dozens of channels
of digital radio on your mobile phone. Get unlimited access to commercial-free
music, the latest Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Country anywhere you go. Warning:
This product will use a large amount of data and you are responsible for all
data charges incurred. AT&T strongly recommends that you subscribe to a
MEdia Max data bundle IN ADDITION to this purchase. Call AT&T at 611 to
sign up for the MEdia Max package if needed.