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LCD messages
If Try one or more of the following
No images to display
Change image storage location setting (see page 31).
Memory card requires
Insert a new card (see page 3) or format the card (see
page 32).
Caution: Formatting a card deletes all pictures and
videos, including protected files.
Memory card cannot be read
(Please format memory card
or insert another card)
Only one USB connection
Disconnect cable or rem.
(remove) camera from dock.
Unplug the USB cable from the camera.
Internal memory requires
Format the internal memory (see page 32).
Caution: Formatting deletes all pictures and videos,
including protected files. (Formatting internal memory
also deletes email addresses, album names, and
Favorites. To restore them, see the Kodak EasyShare
software Help.)
Internal memory cannot be
read (Please format internal
No memory card (Files not
Insert a card (see page 3).
Not enough space to copy files
(Files not copied)
Delete pictures from the image storage location you are
copying to (see page 15), or insert a new card (see
page 3).
Memory card is locked (Insert
new memory card)
Insert a new card (see page 3), move the switch on the
card to unlock the card, or change the image storage
location to internal memory (see page 31).
Read-only memory card.
Remove write protection to
capture or write to card.