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50 www.kodak.com/go/support
In Review mode,
you do not see a
picture (or the
expected picture)
on the LCD screen.
Check the image storage location setting (see page 31).
In Review mode, a
blue or black
screen is displayed
instead of a
Transfer the picture to the computer (see page 45), then format the
card or internal memory (see page 32).
Caution: Formatting a card deletes all pictures and videos,
including protected files.
Shutter button
does not work.
Turn on the camera (see page 2).
Wait until the Ready light stops blinking red before attempting to take
another picture.
Transfer pictures to the computer (see page 45), delete pictures from
the camera (page 15), switch image storage locations (see page 31),
or insert a card with available memory (page 3).
Slide show does
not run on external
video device.
Adjust the camera Video Out setting (NTSC or PAL, see page 32).
See the external device’s user’s guide.
Picture is too light.
Move so there is at least 2 ft (0.6 m) between the camera and the
Decrease Exposure Compensation (see page 37).
Picture is not clear.
Clean the lens (see page 62).
Make sure your camera is not in Close-up mode.
Move so there is at least 2 ft (0.6 m) between the camera and the
Place the camera on a flat, steady surface or use a tripod.
If Try one or more of the following