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Doing more with your camera
Shutter speed—control how long the shutter stays open.
Aperture—(also known as f-stop) control the size of the lens opening, which
determines the depth of field.
Smaller f-stop numbers indicate a larger lens opening; good for portraits and
low-light conditions.
Larger f-stop numbers indicate a smaller lens opening; keeps the main subject
sharp; good for landscapes and well-lit conditions.
Focus mode—select a large or concentrated area of focus.
Focus mode Description
Normal AF
Focus setting for general picture-taking.
Sharpness and detail in pictures at close range. Use available light instead
of flash, if possible. The camera automatically sets the focus distance
depending on the zoom position. The close-up distances are:
Wide angle: 7.9–27.6 in. (0.2–0.7 m)
Telephoto: 19.7–39.4 in. (0.5–1.0 m)
Distant subjects. Auto-focus framing marks are unavailable.
Focus is at center position. When MF icon appears, press OK to display
focus indicator. Press to adjust the setting. A magnified image
appears on the screen when adjusting focus position.