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Doing more with your camera
Changing P or M mode settings
P/M modes control ISO, Focus, exposure compensation, shutter speed, and aperture
(f-number, also known as f-stop). Use the Menu button to control all other settings.
1 Turn the Mode dial to P/M.
The mode options are displayed.
2 Use to move between settings and to change the value.
NOTE: Some settings may be unavailable (see P/M color options above). The arrows disappear when you
cannot make further value changes.
3 Take a picture.
P/M mode—see page 33.
ISO speed—adjust the camera’s sensitivity to light. Higher ISO indicates greater
sensitivity. ISO 3200 is available only in 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, and 3.1 MP picture size (see
page 27).
NOTE: A higher ISO may produce unwanted “noise” in a picture.
Exposure Compensation—adjust the exposure; good for controlling backlit or
non-standard scenes. If the picture is too light, decrease the setting; if it’s too dark,
increase the setting.
Shutter speed
Exposure compensation
Yellow—changeable value
Red—out of range
ISO speed
P/M Options
Focus mode