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Doing more with your camera
Using the histogram to view picture brightness
Use the histogram to evaluate the distribution of light before or after you take a
picture. If the peak is to the right of the graph, the subject is bright; if it’s to the left,
the subject is dark. Optimal exposure is achieved when the peak is in the middle of
the histogram.
To turn on the histogram in P/M mode or in Review,
press the Info button until the histogram
NOTE: If a scene is dark or light, you can adjust the exposure
compensation (see page 37) before taking the picture. The
flash may affect a picture’s light and shadow.
Sharing your pictures
Press the Share button to tag your pictures and videos. When they are transferred to
your computer, you can share them. Use the Share button:
Any time. (The most recent picture/video taken is then displayed.)
After pressing the Review button.
Tagging pictures for printing
1 Press the Share button. Press to locate a picture.
2 Press to highlight Print , then press the OK button.*
3 Press to select the number of copies (0-99). Zero removes the tag for that
Optional: You can apply a print quantity to other pictures with the print quantity
screen displayed. Press to locate a picture. Press to change the print
quantity. Repeat until the desired print quantity is applied to pictures.
4 Press the OK button.
The Print icon appears in the status area.