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Creating a Video DVD
Creating a Video DVD and AVCHD disc
Simply by connecting your camcorder or video device to the DVDirect, you
can record videos. If you connect a Sony High Definition Handycam
, you can
dub High Definition (AVCHD) video in the same quality.
Depending on your camcorder or type of video DVD you are creating, you can
select the dubbing mode as follows.
One Touch Dubbing Through Handycam
Control (page 32)
This mode allows you to record video from a Handycam
onto a disc by
simply pressing the DISC BURN or DVD BURN button on the Handycam
You can record additional video onto a disc that has been previously recorded
on, as with Incremental Dubbing (see page 23).
Full Dubbing
This mode allows you to record video from a digital video camera connected
to the DVDirect with a single touch of the (record) button onto a DVD.
The DVDirect controls the camcorder during the entire process, and completes
creation of the video DVD or AVCHD disc. The completed disc is
automatically finalized, allowing immediate playback on DVD players. The
AVCHD disc created can be played on AVCHD compatible devices.
The video is recorded as follows:
(HDD or Memory Stick) (page 37)
The entire video content of the HDD or Memory Stick is recorded onto a disc.
(Several discs may be required depending on the length of the video.)
Types of Dubbing
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