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78-5399-03 Rev. A0
Gigabit Interface Converter Installation Note
Product Numbers: WS-G5484(=), WS-G5486(=), WS-G5487(=)
This installation note provides the technical specifications and installation instructions for the Gigabit
Interface Converters (GBICs) that you install in the Catalyst 6000, Catalyst 5000, and Catalyst 4000
family Gigabit Ethernet ports that accept GBICs.
This publication consists of these sections:
Overview, page 2
Safety Overview, page 6
Required Tools, page 8
Installing the GBIC, page 8
Removing a GBIC, page 10
Standards Compliance Specifications, page 11
Translated Safety Warnings, page 12
Related Documentation, page 18
Obtaining Documentation, page 18
Obtaining Technical Assistance, page 19