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Data Input Precautions
S S inputs the same data twice.
•You can also input multiple entries of the same data
using A G. To input the data “20 and 30” five times,
for example, press 20
P 30 A G 5 S.
The above results can be obtained in any order, and not
necessarily that shown above.
•Precautions when editing data input for standard devia-
tion also apply for regression calculations.
Do not use variables A through F, X, or Y to store data
when performing statistical calculations. These variables
are used for statistical calculation temporary memory,
so any data you may have assigned to them may be
replaced by other values during statistical calculations.
Entering the REG Mode and selecting a regression type
(Lin, Log, Exp, Pwr, Inv, Quad) clear variables A through
F, X, and Y. Changing from one regression type to an-
other inside the REG Mode also clears these variables.
Technical Information
kWhen you have a problem......
If calculation results are not what you expect or if an error
occurs, perform the following steps.
1. Press
A B 2(Mode) = to initialize all modes and
2. Check the formula you are working with to confirm it is
3. Enter the correct mode and try performing the calcula-
tion again.
If the above steps do not correct the problem, press the
5 key. The calculator performs a self-check operation and
deletes all data stored in memory if any abnormality is
detected. Make sure you always keep written copies of all
important data.
kError Messages
The calculator is locked up while an error message is on
the display. Press
t to clear the error, or press e or r
to display the calculation and correct the problem. See
“Error Locator” for details.