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•You can then edit the displayed data, if you want. Input
the new value and then press the = key to replace the
old value with the new one. This also means that if you
want to perform some other operation (calculation, recall
of statistical calculation results, etc.), you should always
press the
t key first to exit data display.
•Pressing the
S key instead of
= after changing a value
on the display registers the value you input as a new
data item, and leaves the old value as it is.
•You can delete a data value displayed using
[ and ]
by pressing A U. Deleting a data value causes all
values following it to be shifted up.
Data values you register are normally stored in calcula-
tor memory. The message “Data Full” appears and you
will not be able to input any more data if there is no
memory left for data storage. If this happens, press the
= key to display the screen shown below.
Ed i t
Press 2 to exit data input without registering the value
you just input.
1 if you want to register the value you just input,
without saving it in memory. If you do this, however, you
will not be able to display or edit any of the data you
have input.
•To delete data you have just input, press
A U.
•After inputting statistical data in the SD Mode or REG
Mode, you will be unable to display or edit individual data
items any longer after perform either the following
Changing to another mode
Changing the regression type (Lin, Log, Exp, Pwr, Inv,