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What makes Tiki special is its advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology. It’s so advanced we can only refer
to it as voodoo. Tiki significantly reduces unwanted background noise like keyboard clicking, hard-drive and fan sounds,
and ambient room noise, allowing the person on the other side of the conversation to hear you with exceptional clarity.
On a conference call or chat, Tiki even automatically mutes itself whenever a voice isn’t detected, freeing you to do
other tasks (like type!) without adding background noise to the conversation. Like we said, voodoo.
But Tiki is more than just a great listener — it’s a great recording microphone. With a tap of the mode selector, Tiki
becomes a high fidelity microphone suitable for recording your vocals, instruments, podcasts, or narration.
Tiki’s double-sided design allows it to be plugged into a typical laptop’s side-USB port. Make sure that one side or the
other of Tiki is facing you during recording (see illustration, left). Tiki’s advanced technology will determine whether
you are using the front or rear or both sides of the microphone. If you are unable to connect directly to a suitable USB
port, you can use the included docking cable to position Tiki at a convenient location. Like any microphone, the closer
you are to Tiki, the better your results will be.
Say hello to Tiki, the first microphone that listens to you with the intelligence of human hearing.
By focusing on desired sounds and minimizing background noise, Tiki dramatically improves the
intelligibility and quality of chats, conference calls, and high fidelity recordings.
Tiki is compact, durable, and can be plugged directly into the USB port on most any
laptop, or, using its included docking cable, into any larger desktop computer.
Tiki’s packaging doubles as a folding travel case that holds Tiki and the
docking cable for easy portability.
Hey, my Tiki won’t light up and appears not to be working.
Make sure your computer meets Tiki’s requirements (see right). Also, be sure your computer supports a USB 2.0 powered port.
Help! My Tiki keeps intermittently glowing orange!
Don’t panic. In the default Intelligent Speech Mode, Tiki’s color will switch to orange when it’s muting the sound (when you’re
not speaking).
won’t notice any difference, but the person you’re talking to will appreciate the reduced background noise.
I’m working on a music demo and I want to sound like a Guitar God. What mode should I record in?
Set Tiki in the Natural Recording Mode (purple glow). Music, podcasts, and narration will all have a richer, fuller sound when recorded in this mode.
My favorite place to use Tiki for Skype
calls is
noisy. How can I ensure even better noise-canceling quality?
If you’re talking in a very loud environment, try using Tiki’s extended docking cable to position Tiki further away from the noise source and closer to your voice. Remember, the
closer you can get to your Tiki, the better you’ll sound.
The clear plastic packaging that your Tiki arrived in is 100% recyclable. It also makes a handy container for pens and
pencils, a flower vase or even a mini desktop terrarium!
Complete tech specs and a look into the voodoo technology behind Tiki are available on the Blue Microphones website at: www.bluemic.com/tiki
Blue Microphones warrants its hardware product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of TWO (2) YEARS from the date of retail purchase, provided
the purchase was made from an authorized Blue Microphones dealer. This warranty is void if the equipment is altered, misused, mishandled, maladjusted, suffers excessive
wear, or is serviced by any parties not authorized by Blue microphones. The warranty does not include transportation costs incurred because of the need for service unless
arranged for in advance. Blue Microphones reserves the right to make changes in design and improve upon its products without obligation to install these improvements
in any of its products previously manufactured. For warranty service or for a copy of Blue’s Warranty Policy including a complete list of exclusions and limitations, contact
Blue at 818-879-5200.
©2012 Blue Microphones. All rights reserved. Tiki and Blue Logo Oval are registered trademarks of Blue Microphones. Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and
other countries. Skype is a registered trademark of Skype Limited. All other trademarks are copyright of their respective owners.
Status color
Best for
What the DSP chip is up to
What it really does
Intelligent Speech
Blue (Orange when muted)
Chats, conference calls, noisier environments
Use when speech intelligibility is most important
Mixes the signal from both microphones for optimal voice capture
Applies noise reduction algorithms to reduce various forms of background noise
Softly mutes microphones when no speech is detected and quickly restores audio
when you resume speaking
Makes you the clearest and least distracting participant in your chat or conference call
Natural Recording
Podcasts, vocals, instruments, narration, quieter environments
Use when you’re looking for great recorded sound quality
Advanced processing for rich, fuller sound
Applies subtle studio processing techniques to the
recorded signal to maximize sound quality
Surprises you with great recordings from a small package
(Connect Tiki with the included extended docking cable for best noise isolation and flexibility)
Plug Tiki into any USB port on your laptop so that a Blue logo is facing you. For desktop
computers or hard-to-reach USB ports, use the included docking cable for optimal positioning.
In most cases Tiki will automatically register as the default input device. If not, from the Control Panel (Windows) or
System Settings (Mac), select Tiki as your default input device from your sound/audio settings menu.
By default, when Tiki is first plugged-in, it is in Intelligent Speech Mode (mic will glow blue) for conference calls
and online chats. Tiki intelligently mutes itself (mic glows orange) when you are not speaking. As soon as you begin
speaking again, Tiki switches back to blue.
To switch modes, tap the Mode Selector button to switch to Natural Recording Mode (mic glows purple) for
recording vocals, instruments, podcasts and more.
That’s it. You’re now ready to go. But to get the most out of your Tiki, we recommend you read on.
Set up is simple: