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Owner's of the Sony Blu-ray Player BDP - S300 gave it a score of 3.1 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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    3.0 out of 5
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Adjusting the Pictures
The “cinema tuned” picture preset setting will allow you to
maximize the visual impact of the BD or DVD you are watching
by optimizing the picture settings for different lighting
environments. “Memory” allows you to make your own detailed
a Press SYSTEM MENU during playback.
b Select “A/V Control,” and press ENTER.
c Select “Video Control,” and press ENTER to
turn on the above display.
d Press </, to select a setting.
e Press ENTER.
z Hint
The above description applies when the picture setting of your TV (if
any) is set to ‘Standard.’
“Memory” settings do not affect the output from the S VIDEO OUT or
VIDEO OUT jacks.
Fine-tuning the picture to your
a Select from “Memory 1” to “Memory 3” in
step 4 of “Adjusting the Pictures(page 28).
b Select “Detailed Settings,” and press ENTER
to turn on the above display.
To switch to another “Memory,” press RETURN.
c Select each of the picture elements, and
adjust using </,.
To adjust while previewing the effect
Select a setting and press ENTER to switch the
display for the setting. Press </, to adjust
while checking the effect on the background
playback picture. Then press ENTER to save the
Underlined are the default settings for “Memory.”
d Press RETURN.
Items Details
Brighter Room For a room brighter than normal.
Theatre Room For a dark room such as a home
Standard (default) Normally, select this.
Memory (1-3) Select a setting when you want to
use the detailed picture adjustments
you previously made, or when you
want to make a new set. The player
remembers up to three sets (see
page 28).
Detailed Settings
Items Details
White Enhancer
Adjusts the brightness of white
Black Enhancer
Adjusts the richness of dark colours.
Balances the green and the red
Chroma Level
Adjusts the colour saturation.
Use [LL][RR] to set the behavior of film source
input. Press ENTER to preview.
Min Max
Green Red
Min Max
White Enhancer
Black Enhancer
Chroma Level
Min Max