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The Garmin
20 FM TMC Traffic Receiver
receives Traffic Message Channel (TMC) information
broadcast over the FM radio data system. When a traffic
message is received, your Garmin GPS device displays
the incident on the map and can change your route to
avoid the traffic incident. For coverage areas, refer to the
Garmin Web site at http://www.garmin.com/fmtraffi
NOTE: The FM traffic receiver and GPS
device must be in data range of an FM station
transmitting TMC data to receive traffic
NOTE: Garmin is not responsible for the
accuracy of the traffic information. The FM
traffic receiver simply receives signals from
the traffic service provider and shows that
information on your Garmin GPS device.
Service Information
The GTM 20 includes a 15-month subscription to Clear
Channel Total Traffic Network. The subscription activates
automatically after your Garmin GPS device acquires
satellite signals while receiving traffic signals from the
pay service provider. When the subscription expires,
purchase a renewal subscription; see the back of this sheet.
The GTM 20 can also use any free traffic services
available in your current area.
You can add other FM TMC subscriptions at any time.
Check the Garmin Web site at http://www.garmin.com/
fmtraffic for other available services.
NOTE: You do not need to activate the
subscription that came with your GTM 20.
The subscription activates automatically when
the Garmin GPS acquires satellite signals
while receiving traffic signals from the service
Connecting Your GTM 20
1. Remove the power cable from your Garmin GPS.
2. Connect the cable on the GTM 20 to the power
connector on your Garmin GPS.
To power connector
on Garmin GPS
To 12-Volt receptacle
in vehicle
3. Plug the other end into a 12-Volt receptacle.
4. Route the cable so that it does not interfere with
vehicle operating controls.
Testing the GTM 20
Observe the LED on the GTM 20: When the GTM 20
is connected to power, the Power LED is on. The GTM
20 may take up to five minutes to acquire data. The Status
LED indicates the status of the GTM 20:
Yellow dot-dash flashes: determining
which country you are currently in.
Yellow solid light: searching for signal.
Red solid light: momentary sync loss.
Green solid light: normal traffic data.
Check the Map: Check the map on the GPS device
for traffic incidents. Refer to the GPS device’s owner’s
Verify Signal Strength:
If you are inside a garage where
radio signals cannot be received, you may need to take the
vehicle outside.
Verify that you are in a service area:
Check for service
from the pay service or free services.