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Owner's of the Cuisinart Waffle Iron WM-PZ2 gave it a score of 4.4 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
  • Reliability

    4.45 out of 5
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    4.55 out of 5
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Before using your Cuisinart
Press for the first time, remove all
protective paper and wrapping. Remove
any dust from shipping by wiping the
plates with a damp cloth.
2.Preheat the Pizzelle Press. Close lid and
plug cord into a 120V AC wall outlet. The
red light will go on to signal power. The
green indicator light will go on when the
unit is ready to use.
Note: The first time you use your Pizzelle
Press, it may have a slight odor and may
smoke a bit. This is normal, and common
to appliances with a nonstick surface.
3.When the green indicator light goes on,
scoop ingredients onto bottom plates
according to the recipes provided.
Close the lid and lock down the latch
to hold the plates closely together.
4.The green light will go off and the red
light will illuminate again. It may take
several seconds for the red light to
come on. This is normal.
5.Once the pizzelle are ready to be
removed from the unit, the green light
will illuminate once again. Baking time is
determined by browning level. Choose a
setting on the browning control dial. For
golden crisp pizzelle, we recommend
using setting #3 or #4.
6.Unlatch the plates and lift the top cover.
Remove the pizzelle by loosening the
edges with a heat-resistant plastic
spatula. Never use metal utensils, as
they may damage the nonstick coating.
7.Always disconnect the plug from the wall
outlet once cooking is completed.
1 . B r owning Control Adjustment
- Five settings to customize pizzelle from light
to deep golden brown.
2 . Indicator Lights
- Signal when pizzelle press is ready to bake,
and when the pizzelle are ready to eat.
3 . Lockdown Latch
- Holds plates closely together, to prevent
lifting during cooking.
4 . B rushed Stainless Steel Housing
5 . Pizzelle Plates
6 . Rubber Feet (Not Shown)
- Keep unit steady without marking the
c o u n t e r t o p .
7 . C o rd Storage (Not Shown)
- Cord wraps under base for easy storage.
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